Wild and Roam is a bohemian inspired collection of handcrafted, one of a kind designs for the free spirited. Each piece is repurposed from vintage fabrics and preloved materials to create up cycled, wearable heirlooms for littles to treasure for always.
My name is Kristen, With the inspiration in becoming a mother, and my love for for vintage textiles, Wild and Roam came to fruition in designing and up cycling for my first born. I have always been a thrifter at heart, and I believe that there is an unfathomable unique ability in the stories told from fabrications that came from the past. It is the special details in these pieces I recreate, that make the article of clothing more then just an outfit, but more of a fabricated memory in time.
It was an old vintage button down shirt of my husbands that that had seen its last days, that became the first boho baby design as a dress for my daughter. From there, I began repurposing and up cycling not just pieces I had held onto for years and years, but I found new joy in sourcing vintage fabrications around me to rework and experiment with in upcycing into what was soon becoming a mini collection of harem pants from shirt sleeves, rompers from long sleeve shirts, and dresses from button down western shirts.
As the momentum of this experience began to grow and through the design process I never could have dreamed would come to fruition like it has, I soon wanted to share my creations and inspirations with the community around me. It has been amazing to connect to other mom’s around the world with my designs, and work closely with them on custom orders to create one of a kind pieces for their children to cherish for always. Whether it be from an article of clothing they send me holding sentimental value to them, or something that I source, this creative exchange is never the same and always a new adventure.
I find that the process of designing for me is much like the open, limitless, free spirit I think we all see in the reflections of our children and how they see the world. It is this boundless, unchained joy that becomes the intention behind each design, as each piece is its own unique creation and I never know exactly the course it will take until the last stitch is sewn.