Boho On the Road – Ocotillo Wells

And off we go, desert bound again, this time to Ocotillo Wells just outside of Anza Borrego Desert State Park. Being 32 weeks pregnant I have to admit I felt a little , well a lot, less resilient this time adventuring but this trip was meant for more moderate hikes and dirt bikes and such (= That being said, my husband may or may not have come home the day before we left with a PW50 for Rhylin that had him smiling like a little girl. He has grown up riding dirt bikes all his life, and always invisioned sharing his passion for this sport with his children. Being that he is having two girls, I think this is most awesome to watch the dynamic of this joy be shared between him and his babies.


I mean seriously on this photo, are you kidding me with both of them smiling and waving! She took to it pretty well too, learning how to “crack the throttle” and “vroom vroom” her way across the desert floor in her new hot pink moto gear. I even hopped on the back for her to take me for a ride as well. Its funny, Im not sure if her personality is just building or if it is already engrained in her weather or not she will be a girly girl or tomboyish. I mean don’t get me wrong, she LOVES her princesses and ponies and such, but I think there is also this side of her we hope to help cultivate and nuture as she grows that enjoys just getting dirty and sweaty and enjoying the elements outdoors. I for sure saw it on this trip… a bravery I wasnt 100% sure she had when she wanted to ride Daddy’s bike with the big boys! Ahhh a girl after my own heart I thought…

IMG_6794The next day was a break from the bikes and foot bound to a place we had ventured about 5 years before, but was just as spectaccular the second time around. Its an archeologists wonderland, and there are often times camps and researchers out there studying the canyon walls as it really makes you feel like you have stepped back into the prehistoric era when walking through these washes. Elephant Knees, the mountain off to the left in this photo stands tall an looks like literally a row of elephants standing knee to knee. We hiked up to the wind caves, which made for some amazing photo opportunities as we had remembered.

IMG_6766IMG_6820IMG_6825IMG_3105Then the next day called for more adventuring of a different kind, as if dirt bikes and canyon hikes weren’t enough … dad really wanted to test out a Razor for Nana, Papa and me to ride. I thought for sure my uber preggo belly wouldn’t fit in a 4 point harness seatbelt, nor be able to go over this bumpy desert terrain …. so Im thinking “alrighty, 5 miles an hour in this thing isn’t going to be all that exciting for me.” Well…I was wrong. Suprisingly enough, the suspension on these things are incredible and it was more comfortable and less bumpy then riding in my husbands F250! So I rode…yes I rode, and I drove… yes I drove it, definatly faster then 5 miles an hour! We all took turns (=


Yes, yes you are seeing this right … my husband and his best friend (Rhylin’s godfather) riding with their babies. Rhylin on my hubbies bike, and Hogan (the long haired little doggy) on Josh’s. We also were accompanied by the brightest fullest moon that last night that that turned the desert night into an experience all in itself. Glow in the dark Bocci Ball p.s. is a must get for those sundown nightly happenings! I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of it, but it was great for family fun around the campsite.






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