Triplette Dress 4-6



This is a one of a kind design, sourced from exclusive vintage and preloved materials, as a dress that embodies a 3 in 1 design. Coordinating beautifully together as a one piece dress or ,when you want to expand your littles wordrobe, the Halter style tank which connects to the skirt with inner ties, can then be separated into a tan and maxi style skirt. In detaching the skirt, ties tuck inside, and it showcases a bustle back style maxi skirt with full playfullness.  This skirt has the ability to be worn for years as the waistline is full drawstring and can grow with your child into their youth!

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As each piece is re-purposed from past materials, there may sometimes be inherent characteristics in the fabric we like to call “beauty marks” that showcase the piece’s vintage quality and pre-loved past.

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